The Nursery School was Colorado’s first provisionally licensed outdoor preschool! Classes are held outdoors year round.  We use tools and materials to engage in our environment. We learn through our interactions with nature and each other.  

We play harder! We also make sure that we are wearing the appropriate clothes to keep us warm and dry.  If we need to get out of the elements, we will build a shelter using natural materials or use our tarp.  If the weather gets unsafe, we can seek shelter at the pavilion or in the cinder block building adjacent to the parking lot. If the event of extreme weather or cold, we may have to cancel class. We will contact each family directly and post on our website if that is the case.

Having appropriate clothing is a key determining factor as to whether or not, or how much your child engages while he/she is at school.  If you’ve been in Denver for a while, you know that the weather here can be unpredictable and change quickly.  Please be sure to dress your child in layers.  We want to help your child understand their bodies and how to regulate their temperature. No better method than through the addition or removal of layers of clothing. We have put together a general list of the key items your child should have with them while at The Nursery School throughout the year. We are happy to keep any extra clothes you’d like to leave with us, rather than having your child carry them everyday.

  • Spring – Rain jacket with hood, rain pants and rubber boots
  • Summer – Rain jacket with hood and rubber boots
  • Fall – Jacket/sweatshirt, raincoat with hood, rain pants, rubber boots
  • Winter – Waterproof gloves/mittens, snow pants, winter coat, hat, heavy socks and winter boots.


 Aside from the appropriate clothes for the weather…A backpack, water and snack.

  • Backpack – The backpack should be big enough to hold all of your child’s things. Be sure that your child can put on, take off, open, close and carry the backpack independently.
  • Water – Please send your child to school with a full water bottle. The bottle should be one that they can open or access the water on their own.  We have extra water if anyone needs refills.
  • Snack – You know your child’s appetite. We are working hard out there so we need some good healthy fuel for our bodies.  We are happy to talk more about this individually if you have questions or we have feedback.

We definitely have seen what works and what does not work for the children in our program. We are happy to give more guidance and advice as you prepare to start forest school. One of our goals is to help your child become as independent as possible with their everyday tasks.  Please come talk with us for more information and specific recommendations.

What NOT to bring to school? 

Let’s keep our toys from home at home.  We hope to keep our tools and materials from school at school. We have an entire wagon of tools and materials for your child to use and engage with while at school. Besides, we would hate to risk losing or damaging something that means so much to your child. 


The Nursery School is committed to providing opportunities for children to learn in ways that are meaningful to them.  Each child will determine his/her own levels of comfort and interest in what they do and our staff will be there to support them in those experiences and scaffold their learning to help them continue to grow and develop.

Preparing your child for kindergarten and the rest of their educational life is important to us. Each child will have plenty of time to learn the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be successful in Kindergarten while at The Nursery School.  The Nursery School believes that the most important function of preschool is to help young children learn how to think.  We feel that developing the constructs and framework for learning in each  child will better equip them for the future.

  1. Step One: Schedule a visit.  Schedule a time for you and your child to visit us at Bluff Lake. You are welcome to spend an entire session with us if you’d like, but please plan to spend at least an hour with us.  This will provide an opportunity for you to have any questions answered and to see how your child responds to our programming.
  2. Step Two: Determine if this is a good fit.  If you and The Nursery School staff are in agreement that The Nursery School is a good fit for your child and your child is a good fit for The Nursery School, we can begin the fun parts of the enrollment process.
  3. Step Three: Complete our online Enrollment Application and pay the $100 application fee.
  4. Step Four: You will receive an email with additional enrollment paperwork attached for you to complete and submit.
  5. Step Five: Once we have received all of your required paperwork, we will confirm your child’s schedule and start date and send an invoice.
  6. Step Six: Ensure that your child comes to school prepared with appropriate clothing and a backpack with a water bottle and snack in it. Please plan to bring a check with you on your child’s first day or pay online prior to their start date.
  7. Step Seven: Enjoy being a part of The Nursery School family and watch your child grow and develop in amazing ways.

We are in the process of establishing a child and caregiver class for children under the age of 3.  This will be a class where you and your toddler attend and learn together. To be enrolled in The Nursery School’s Forest Preschool Program, the child must be at least 3 years old and potty trained.

With an increasing demand for unstructured play and outdoor experiences for young children, The Nursery School is constantly looking to heed that call.  If you are interested in working with us please contact us at  Substitute teacher positions available.


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