Brett knew he wanted to be a teacher from the time he was little.  He began working with kids in summer camp while in high school.  Brett received his bachelor’s degree in elementary education and joined the Peace Corps after graduation.  For two years Brett trained teachers while living in a South African village.  Upon returning to the U.S., Brett spent some time on the Appalachian Trail before accepting a teaching position.  

A unique opportunity brought Brett to the Grand Canyon, where he spent a summer as a park ranger.  He then moved to Denver and became a preschool teacher.  Within a few years, Brett moved into an administrative role and later found himself the director of  a child care center in Denver.  The Colorado Department of Education later recruited Brett to train preschool teachers around the State.  

During this time, Brett was selected to be a part of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program’s sixth cohort.  It was in this graduate program where Brett met Matt and they began their journey to open Colorado’s first outdoor preschool. Brett has enjoyed his journey thus far and looks forward to proving the concept of outdoor education for preschoolers during this six month pilot with the State.

In his spare time, Brett enjoys spending even more time outdoors.  You can find him on a river fly fishing or hiking and camping in the mountains.  Otherwise, he’s likely in town doing house projects.  

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