Opening Eyes to Nature: The Nursery School’s mission is to connect young children with their natural world through exploration, inquiry and investigation. The focus of our preschool is to provide high-quality early childhood experiences that meet each child’s developmental needs, while fostering their natural curiosity. The Nursery School offers a nurturing learning environment, experienced teachers, and unique, hands-on learning opportunities that help build the foundation for all future development.

Our preschoolers learn by doing: they explore their environment, investigate the flora and fauna, work collaboratively with others, and develop the skills and knowledge they need to enter kindergarten. Children also begin to develop a greater understanding of how the world around them works, and their place in it.

Mr. Brett and Mr. Matt consider themselves learning guides who facilitate the children’s learning as they explore and engage with each other and the environment.  The Nursery School allows children the space and freedom to examine their own interests, while supporting each child’s development. Brett and Matt model appropriate behavior and language, ask questions and are there for the children for whatever they might need.  The children are in charge of deciding where, what and how they play and learn each day.  

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