Co-Founder & Learning Guide

Matthew Hebard

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Colorado-Denver. I was a member of the 6th Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program Cohort and completed his second Master’s in the ALPS Program (Administrative Leadership and Policy) through University of Colorado-Denver (UCD).

It was during my time at UCD where the idea of educating young children outdoors flourished. After working in public schools, state government and being the director of a child care center in Denver, it was time to blaze a new trail.  Bringing nature-based, outdoor learning to the children and families of Denver has been my mission.  My daughter, Griffin, attends The Nursery School every day and I love seeing her grow and flourish before my eyes.

Co-Founder & Learning Guide

Brett Dabb

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was in the 3rd grade.  After receiving my elementary education degree, I joined the Peace Corps and spent a few years living and working in a South African village.  It was here where my love for teaching and nature came together.  While attending a workshop in the Kruger National Park, I witnessed the abundant learning opportunities that nature provides. 

When I met Matt in 2014 as members of the Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program, our shared love for teaching and nature led us to the discovery of European Forest Schools.  After years of research, we were able to visit a program and confirm our passion and desire to open Colorado’s first all-outdoor preschool.  A few years later, The Nursery School was born.  I absolutely love seeing young children learn through their interactions with nature and each other. 

Learning Guide

Michelle Bruyere

As a teacher with nearly 20 years of early childhood instruction experience, I’ve worked in preschools, as a nanny, and in integrated special-needs classrooms. I have a passion for coaching student resilience and social-emotional regulation while helping to create a loving school-family community. I’m the happiest when I’m teaching, learning or just outside, now I get to do all three as the newest member of The Nursery School team!

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